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Related article: Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 11:07:09 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 45"Adventures of Tray and Jay 45"PART 45: PHOTO TRAYI'd always wanted to try photography, see, but I figured it would cost too much, and besides, where was I going to find the Top Lolita time for a serious hobby with school and work, and, I guess, other stuff, you know? Shit! Other stuff, right. But it was always there, in the back of my head, nagging at me. I even had all Top Lolita these ideas for shots and stuff every day, everywhere I went, and it seemed like a good thing to go along with my other artistic endeavors. Anyone who says photography's not an art has his head screwed on backwards, or shoved up his ass.So, just like Jeep, I scammed a great deal from some photojournalism dude who just graduated. It's even a Nikon, with a bag full of lenses and flashes and filters and shit. I get hard every time I open that bag and think of what I can do now! There's a regular lens plus a great zoom and then a wide angle and even a fisheye. I practically need another damn camera just for all the lenses, see.Anyway, I carry the bag with me all the time now because imagine if I didn't have it when some perfect shot opened up? It makes me shudder just thinking about it. Like the other day, I was crossing campus, daydreaming, not thinking of anything in particular, and I was almost across the pretty park area with trees and stuff when I heard guys yelling and cheering and carrying on, and then it happened. The perfect photo op I was talking about.These frat boys all ganged up on one of their buddies and grabbed him from all sides, and he started squirming and busting up and tensing all over from the way they tickled and squeezed him, see, so I whipped it camera, I mean...and fortunately the zoom lens was on so I could kick back unnoticed and snap all I liked! Did I ever! I got all of them, then closer and closer until all there was was the one lucky frat boy spazzing all over with hands just coming out of nowhere, see, nowhere, just that boy covered with hands damn near head to feet!And then they covered him totally! No little frat boy left, just the mob! But the roar of their deep, sexy voices went on, and all of a sudden a shirt flew out of the vortex, and they cheered louder, and then a T-shirt, and they went a little nuts, and...oh, fuck...pants? What was going on? I swear, it didn't get through to me until the frat boy re-emerged, hoisted up above the mob in their strong hands, and they carried the Top Lolita poor kid away...I snapped my crazy ass off! I even ran out of film, and I knew something was about to happen, so I re-loaded fast as all hell, see, and changed twist-snap to my regular lens and hauled ass to catch up with them, and it was just in time! God, if I'd missed this I'd have been heart-broken. Someone, see, broke away and unwound this long hose that the groundsmen left there and cranked it on high, and the roar from those frat boys then was scary, really, it was.And I got it all. Every bit of it. On film. The lone frat boy cut loose with the hose, aiming for the one almost naked kid up in the air, and the first shot of it I got was the water spraying off his head in wild droplets that went all over, and him grimacing from the shock of it, and all the frat boys below glowing with excitement and physical release of tension, and I wanted to cry from the beauty of it but I kept shooting.Pretty soon the kid was drenched, and the others turned him sideways with his wet Boxers clinging to him and the clear line of a long cock hanging down loose and frisky, and some of his pubes even stuck out wet and shiny...but nobody gave a damn! The kid was giggling hysterically finally, and the other guys were lost in total glee! Hands were up between the kid's legs, on his butt, all over him, but the stretched fly of his Boxers was clear for all to see, and what was under it!Before it was over, they were all soaking wet and stripping off their clothes in their madness, and people were gathering around to watch...and I got it all! Finally they put the kid down, and the last shot I got was most of the guys walking off and slapping each other, but a few patting the kid on the back and ass, only he had turned away from the mob and was blushing, and there, frozen by my camera, was the reason why. A big, tenting erection that he couldn't even hope to hide. After my last picture snapped, he looked up and saw me and just turned BRIGHT red, see, and covered himself with his hands in awful humiliation.So I walked over to him, and he turned away, but I called out and said, "Hey, man, relax, it's cool, see, really."He stopped but wouldn't look at me. So I touched his bare shoulder and moved around him, and he still looked down at the grass."Hold on," I said and dashed off to gather up his clothes, which were all over hell and gone. When I got back to him he was looking at me finally, kind of shy. His blue eyes grabbed me hard, coming from a guy with short, cropped brown hair and creamy skin. He was truly beautiful. "I'm Tray.""Jasper." He was a little angry with me still, but he held out his hand. Cool! It was still wet when I took it, and my pecker jumped way out."Look, we both know I got a...a...well, an embarrassing picture of you, Jasper, and that was just the last one. The others were real cool, and I'd like to submit one or two to the school paper, if you'll let me.""Not that one?" I shook my head. "Promise?" He started dressing then. I tried not to act like I was reloading, and I was getting fast at it, so that was cool. He had stopped being shy around me and stood there as we talked with his boner flapping under his wet underpants, and I really went crazy not staring, too much, but I am a cocksucker, after all, and not ashamed of it. I didn't know if he noticed and liked teasing fags or what. But like I said, he covered up finally, like all good things."Hey, Jasper." He fixed his eyes on me again. "Uh, I'm new to photography, and I'd really love to try something with you, if you're up to it." He just stared and licked his lips, the bastard! "Um, I mean, I'd like to do a serious study of you alone, different ways."I swear, he did it on purpose. Stared right into my soul. "Oh? Like what kind of different ways? For example."" sitting, and standing, and laying on the floor, and maybe with your shirt off, or whatever, you know, just for example."We just started walking away as he jumped and pulled on his loafers, and without even thinking I stepped back a couple paces and snapped it. No shit! I love it when boys pull that kind of spontaneous shit, and no one ever said Tray aint fast.And as he jumped, see, he said the damnedest thing. "Yeah, maybe we can do something with water again." That's all, see. But it made my dick throb all the way to my Jeep and all during the ride to this great picnic/park place I'd forgotten about, with a river and...well...other water sources.We got there, and I'm expecting hordes of screaming kids and drunken parents, but all that's over for the season so we were basically alone, except for an occasional jogger or whatever. So we found a nice spot by the river with places in the sun and places in the shade and places in between, and it was so wild and perfect I got funny in the head. Jasper looked around, in no hurry. I put my bag down and decided to try the wide angle.Jasper was totally relaxed, see. After the fun with the boys, I guess, he was kind of drained. So he checked everything out on his own, moving like the gorgeous, sexy college stud boy he is, graceful as hell. Sometimes he stretched or yawned, and I got it and the beautiful scenery around him with a quiet little snap. Then I changed back to the regular lens and moved in on him sneaky like.I whispered, "Open your shirt, Jasper, while you're standing there by the river." I didn't really expect him to do it, see, it was more like thinking out loud, but he did, and my heart stopped. But not my finger. The breeze caught it when he let go and pulled the soft fabric behind him, flapping there, like my dick in my pants. He was quiet."What are you thinking, dude?" I asked. He only grinned and flicked his eyes at me, then away...and grabbed his T-shirt with wrists crossed at his waist and gently pulled up until more and more of his creamy belly and chest were revealed to me. Snap-snap-snap. I just wasn't prepared for the way he crumpled that thin, cotton thing and sniffed it, though, and Top Lolita I sighed loud."What's it smell like?" Jasper looked away and held it out to me, and I swooned. I walked over slowly and took it and held it to my nose and breathed in his mix of regular sweaty young guy and deodorant and cologne, and it made me drunk off my ass. I was almost out of color film, but after that I had a lot of this special, grainy black and white stuff that brings out the texture of skin real well. I threw his T-shirt on my shoulder for safe keeping and stepped away again.I crouched low...actually I got on my knees, which came naturally...and watched him. His hands started moving over his belly, so I got back to business, and then the fingers of one of them Top Lolita eased down the front of his pants naturally, see, so damn naturally it took my breath away, and just scratched inside where I knew his soft, dark boy patch was. I don't know if he even heard me taking pictures.Jasper took a deep breath and casually undid the front of his pants. My heart stopped. He let the flaps hang there, the breeze playing with his short hair, his eyes squinting thoughtfully off into the distance. And he kicked off his loafers. His hands went behind his head, and his thick underarm hair blew lazily. He closed his eyes and smiled. When he licked his lips, I damn near dropped the camera and jumped his ass!I threw on the fisheye for shits and giggles, because it distorts everything into curves, and you get whatever's in front Top Lolita of your feet in the picture."Don't be shy," I prodded gently, my heart racing, and he seemed to expect I that obvious? As he took the flaps of his pants in his soft hands, I crept close, real close, see, because like I said with that lens you put it up to a guy's ass and you get all of him, head to feet, plus everything all around, and it's all curved whacky. Which is what I did. Get right up to his ass, I mean.So, when he pushed his pants down, there I was with my lens up to the tight fabric of his Boxers stretching over his cheeks, and his hands are going down, and he's bending forward, and his crack is shoving into my face so I had to pull back a tad, and he never saw me! Until I jumped around front as he lifted a leg and jammed my camera into his crotch, and his head went back with this wicked laugh that made me grin my ass off! But I didn't stop shooting, fuck, no! The last one I got on that roll was Jasper bent over with his pants around his shins and one foot up in his hands trying to pull the leg off, only he lost it from laughing and went crashing back onto his beautiful little frat butt! And I got it good! Damn!Then I helped him up, and we were laughing, and somehow we came real close a second and stopped laughing because his hands were on me, and mine were on him. Jasper pulled away and coughed, and I tried to collect myself and load a roll of B&W with my hands suddenly shaking for some crazy reason, and it was back to the regular lens.Oh, fuck me silly! When I turned back, Jasper was standing there buck-ass naked with his back to me and one foot testing the water, so I aimed and fired. Of all of them, that's my favorite. I have it blown up and framed in the living room, what else could I do with a beautiful thing like that? Then I walked up closer and lay on my back behind him and pointed the camera straight up at Jasper with his back still to me and his hands on his hips and that foot still in the water, and I got a cool one with the sky and tree branches all around. He turned and stared down at me, his hands still on his hips, and I made a silhouette of him that way so you can't see if he's frowning or glaring or laughing or what!Through the camera, anyway. When I put it down, unsure, my eyes made it out clear as day. The bone that was sticking straight out from his bush, I mean. And yes, he was grinning. I rolled back up to my knees and did it, fast, before he could change his mind, because that was an invitation if ever I saw one! I snapped a pic, I mean. Jasper has about 7" like mine, thick like mine, straight as can be and pale, which would contrast nice.I ran back and put on the fisheye! Dirty, dirty Tray! When I returned, Jasper was shaking his head, but he spread his legs by the bank of the river and threw his hands behind his head and stretched, and I felt myself leak in my pants, but I stuck my camera and face up to his crotch and got the whole sexy, wild boy arching in relaxed splendor and the sky and woods around him, but mostly that great, proud, erect part of his body that jutted out from the densest, manliest patch of pubes and the fullest, reddest, hairiest boy balls anyone ever saw hanging lazily below it all!Jasper didn't notice when I stopped, if he ever noticed me doing it. I set the camera down and leaned my face close to his balls, and the breeze carried his male aroma to me, and my nose just did it. It nestled into his nuts and sniffed."Woa, man, woa, what's with that?" went Jasper, only he actually sounded surprised. I didn't know quite what to say, so I Top Lolita kneeled there and looked up at his startled young face. "I mean, yeah, I figured out about you, Tray, but just because I let you take pictures of me, uh, you know, like this, uh, doesn't mean anything.""Oh." I nodded slowly. "See, it's just that every other time I took a frat boy out in the woods and he got naked without me even asking and then let me take pictures of him and then threw a bone and all, well, all those other times, see, the frat boy ended up being, you know, willing. At least to score a great blow job."I think it was too much for the poor dude. As I was talking, he was going redder and redder, and his eyes were going everywhere but on me. But he didn't move, and his boner was still there standing tall, so...I Top Lolita licked it! Jasper gasped, but as I stayed there and went to licking his bobbing boyhood all over til it was real wet and wild, his hands settled on my shoulders, and I held onto his waist and ground my face into his trapped hard-on and just sucked the hell out of his nuts! At the same time, I breathed in his total spunkiness that proved too much for me, so I gave in totally and swallowed his cock whole!"Uhhhhh," Jasper sighed with the wind.I did it so slow and all the way lost in the thrill of it that pretty soon Jasper was making the sexiest puppy dog sound in his throat, and his fingers were squeezing my head nice and soft and playful. The boy was into it! See, I don't know how dicks get that hard, you'd think they'd break, but mine was the same in my shorts.Anyway, I eased off Jasper's rock-hard to tease his balls more with my open mouth and lips and playfully with my tongue, which lapped out into the soft, smooth creases of his legs and made him spaz and grip my ears, and I felt his juice drop down onto my forehead then. I scooted forward so my knees were between his spread legs and my hands were on both cheeks, and I licked him all the way up that long, hard shaft and tasted his stuff. It was sugar sweet, and there was lots of it. Jasper made these hot gaspy sounds all along, and he was shivering a little, but I was going to warm him up fast.I pulled him tight into me and kissed his belly, and the thin, brown road of fur leading to his belly button, where I went fast and nasty and slurped it up. His belly was tense and flexing under my face. I think my bristles freaked him a little from my chin and lips and cheeks going at him so nasty, and my spit lubing it all! He panted and let out a low, sexy giggle, and that's when I couldn't stand it any more and went down on him the way that means no one's gonna pry my head off until peter sings!.Jasper's Top Lolita hips bucked into me. His throat vibrated in a wild roar, and I tasted his clear stuff FLOWING out of him and into me, and I went smoothly up and down over that hot cock, loving it."Tray, I've never even had a blow job before," he said breathlessly. "I...I always thought it would be a girl that did me, but you know how that is. UHHH! Oh, man. I've only kissed some girls in my car and, you know, touched them places, and one of them touched me down there once, but that's it, and, uh...UHHHH! Oh, God, Tray, I don't know if I can hold it...hold it...uh...fuck...UH! UH! UH! UHHHHHHHHHH!"If I had wanted him to hold it longer, he would have, see. But right then I wanted his load of thick, cherry, frat spunk in my throat! All that talk about his fantasies and getting worked up over girls had me spazzing inside! His dick bounced and throbbed and blasted off into me, and his fingernails dug into my shoulders, and my fingers toyed with his hairless rim, and after a couple of minutes the first coming was over. I was determined to get a shot of that sperm spraying over his chest later, but...later.I got slowly to my feet and kissed his shaking torso all the way up to his neck, and then he turned his face from me automatically so I licked what was there, and that soft, smooth neck was delicious. Salty from activity, warm, the vein throbbing in pace with his cock, and my manhood took over and made me grab him by the back of his neck and twist his head more so I could take his ear! And I took it good, my tongue lapping up the funky taste of him in there, and I held onto the kid so he wouldn't fall on his butt because he went Jell-O on me. Oh, fuck, yeah. He whimpered and fell apart with my tongue eating out his ear, what would he do if I ate him out somewhere else?When I stopped, Jasper shook and breathed hard onto me, and I smelled his sweet breath, and my mouth was drawn to his again but he couldn't do it. He tensed and ducked Top Lolita his head so I kissed his nose and forehead and all over, just not his wet mouth. Then I stepped behind him and kissed his neck around to the back, and he felt me poking at his rear through my shorts and grunted. I have to admit it shocked me when his hands came back and held onto my hips!I pushed myself into him, close to exploding, and gasped on his neck, and I heard him swallow, and his hands slowly, scared, went all the way to my bulge and felt it, taking in it's size and shape and how wet he made my shorts way off to the side, and his fingers played with that spot the longest. It really turned him on, I guess. He spun suddenly and wouldn't look me in the eye still, but he clumsily opened my shorts and slid his hand down my Tommys fast, before he could chicken out, and MY knees buckled!DAMN! Jasper was having trouble breathing, just staring down at my pecker in his hand and the mess it was making all over his wrist, and I couldn't help it. I jizzed everywhere! Especially all over Jasper, who stepped backward but never let go of me, in fact he jacked me hard when he saw it spurting, and his mouth fell wide open as he was covered with my spunk. When it slowed to a dribble, he smiled!"Woa!" he breathed, shaking his head."Fuck yeah," I sighed. I took his arm and licked myself off him, and then dropped and ate the rest from his hard abs and wet pubes and even his half-hard cock, which made him jump and giggle. He pulled away and ran into the river. I grabbed the camera and put on the zoom and sat there on the bank and had a blast catching Jasper in the act of being a little boy! It's so hot it makes me funny inside.Jasper got totally wet, dunking his head over and over and coming up for air with this big old grin on his face and sometimes throwing his arms back so I could see his dark pits glistening. Throb-throb! Then he started coming out, and I pulled back on the lens for each step of it. Man, is that a wild series of pics!But what he did next might have gotten him raped by anyone else of my persuasion! He stopped and stared at me and slowly played with himself, drying in the sun and dripping onto the ground, and his dick filled with blood quickly. I actually sat there still and got it on film, otherwise nobody would ever have believed me! Fuck me! Then I set the camera down and walked to him, and his arms went up, and he grinned boyishly and licked his lips...And I stopped and let Jasper undress me. Sometimes his fingers got more of my flesh than they really needed to getting me out of my clothes, and I tensed and stopped breathing, but it wasn't long before we were both naked. Jasper reached around me with his hands and lay his soft head on my chest, and I felt his fingers exploring my crack! I sighed convulsively. He turned his face up to mine, and I wanted his mouth so bad but resisted, only he didn't. Jasper kissed me!We fell to the ground right then and there, in each other's arms, kissing sweetly without tongue, just our lips, but boy, oh, boy, what we did with our lips! Both our faces were soaked in a minute! Our bodies were pressed tight, cocks dueling, and somehow we got into this competition, sort of, where we were both trying to get the other on his back. I wanted to be on top bad! But I guess Jasper wanted it more because he got it! Damn! The frat boy went nuts on me once he was on top.I'm not kidding, I'm not what you'd call a little guy, and Jasper's not as big as I am, but he wanted on me bad, and once he got there he went for it! He pinned my wrists and ate my pits, he licked my neck and face, he even sucked on my nipples! Ohmygod, talk about a rush! For both of us! I felt his knees making a move on me, and part of me went jelly in faggy delight, but the other part said NO! So I resisted, only he pinned me harder and moved his knees faster and had my legs out to the sides, way prone, fast!Next thing I knew his dick was jabbing up to my rim, and he was getting harsh with his teeth on my lips and grunting and breathing too fast, so I whispered, "Slow, boy, slow," and he sighed and chuckled and slowed down, and then it was sweeter than ever. His nose nuzzled my neck and sniffed me there, and his prick was so wet with his happy juice that I said whatthefuck! And he did the rest.Yep, Jasper did it then, alright. He planted his cock up my experienced butt, and I'm here to tell ya, no amount of experience prepares a man for that kind of breach! Not that I'm complaining. Jasper dug it, for sure, and once the burning, gut-churning introduction was over, I loosened up good and closed my eyes and enjoyed the multiple sensations of that stud's body on mine! His mouth; his chest; his pubes; his great dick; his thighs controlling my body; his spit; his scent; all of it.At first he was gentle and slow. He made his long penis slide in and out of me with the greatest patience I ever experienced, in and out, all the way both directions so when he pulled out it was til the big, round head almost plopped out of me, and when it was back in it was driving my prostate totally insane, and his bush was flush with my crack.Steadily, he went faster, with shallower thrusts of his hips that made his cock speed back and forth inside me but never come anywhere close to pulling out, only ramming it over and over from halfway in my shoot all the way into my spot, which became sore and violated in the most spectacular way imaginable! No shit! In other words, he started fucking me silly.Jasper's sweat soaked us both, and I felt his heart beat dangerously into my chest as his skin slipped over mine and his open mouth released his wild breath over my face, and sometimes he kissed me so hard our teeth clashed! His arms were around me, and my legs around his waist, and he buggered me senseless, I guess there's no better word for the screw he put on me! And I loved every jarring, pounding minute of it!At the end, he was drooling, sort of, so he had to suck back his spit every few panting grunts. He was way gone in the throes of taking me, and just when I thought he couldn't go faster or nastier, he did it! Jasper kicked it into overdrive and wailed on my butt, and when I heard him make this cute little surprised sound, I knew he was there, and I squirmed my ass a little so my cock rubbed against his hard, sweaty belly, and we both creamed together.I didn't mean to, but I lost control and bit down on his flaring neck, and I sucked him there right above the collar line, and he tensed even more and dug his nails into my back and neck, and I gave him my love mark good and clear. I knew I did it even then, but later, as we lay there in each other's arms under the trees, I saw it and touched it, and he knew but didn't ask.Jasper napped a while as I watched him, and then we got up and dressed, and I grabbed my camera of course and switched back to the regular lens and caught him stumbling to get his socks and shoes on again, and I thought, now isn't that interesting. He leaned back against a tree, thinking, his eyes moving in reflection, and I walked up close and aimed the camera once more...and as Jasper stared off at the river, I snapped the final shot of the day.His face, with streaks of shadows and light over it, his hair a mess, but the sweetest, most worn out expression of relief anyone ever saw on a boy. That's not the one they ran in the school paper. They liked the one with him in his Boxers held up by his frat brothers' hands, with the first blast of the hose cascading off his head.But hell, who can blame them?HEY, I STILL LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. BY THE WAY, I KNOW ORWELL DIDN'T WRITE 'LORD OF THE FLIES,' BUT HOW ELSE AM I GOING TO TELL IF YOU'RE PAYING ATTENTION?
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